Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe Easy Guitar Chords By Lucky Ali 00

Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe Guitar Chords

Song: Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe
Singer : Lucky Ali & Vasundhara Das
Label : Zee Music Classic
Chords used : (E) (B) (A) (Em)
Strumming Pattern : D UDUD UDUD DU

Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe Guitar Chords
Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe Guitar Chords
Gori teri aankhein kaheinn
Raatt bharr soyii nahi
Chandaa dekhe chhup kee kahii
Aurr taaree jaante hainn sabhii

Ke kisney dil le liyaa
Kiskoo dil de diyaa
Yehh dil kaa laganaa koii jaanta nahi

Gorii terii aankhein kahein
Raatt bharr soyii nahii

Dill meinn terii yaadd basii
Tu samjhegaa nahii
Jo hainn merey paass hain teraa
Meraa kuchh nahii

Kyunn ankhiyaa chhupaoo
Kyunn tujhkoo sataaoo
Dill todd kee teraa mainn kyaa paoo
Boll piyaa boll piyaa boll
Piyaa boll piyaa boll piyaa boll

Saajann terii baateinn badii
Ke meinn raat bharr soyii nahi
Chandaa ne bhii dekhaa nahii
Aurr taaroo koo yehh maloomm naahi

Kee mainey tujhey dil diyaa
Teraa dill le liyaa
Meraa tuu hii hai bahanaa kyunn mantaa nahii

Saajann terii baateinn badii
Ke mainn raatt bharr soyii nahi
Aatey jaatey mausamm jaisey
Lagtee thee sabhii
Humnee bhii to maangaa rab see
Apnaa bhii koii

Duniyaa sey bachaoo
Palko meinn chupaoo
Dill jeett key teraa sabb koo bataoo
Sunn gori sun gori sunn gori sunn
Sunn gorii sunn gorii sunn

Gorii terii aankheinn kahein
Raatt bharr soyii nahii
Chandaa dekhee chupp ke kahii
Aurr taarey jaante hain sabhi

Gorii terii aankheinn kaheinn
Jaaney anjaaney meinn kahii
Chandaa dekhee chhupp key kahii
Aurr taaree jaantey hainn sabhii

Kee tuney mujhey dill diyaa
Mera dill le liyaa
Mera jeenee ka bahana koi aur nahi

Gori teri aankheinn kahee
Jaaney anjaane meinn kahii

Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe Song Details:

“Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe” is a popular Hindi song by Lucky Ali, released in 1996. The song was composed and sung by Lucky Ali himself, with lyrics written by Syed Aslam Noor.

The song features Lucky Ali’s signature blend of acoustic guitar, folk and rock music, and is known for its catchy melody and memorable lyrics. The lyrics describe the beauty of a woman’s eyes and the way they convey her feelings without words.

The song was part of Lucky Ali’s debut album “Sunoh,” which was a commercial and critical success, winning him several awards and establishing him as a prominent musician in the Indian music scene. “Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe” remains one of Lucky Ali’s most popular and enduring songs, and is still widely played and covered by other artists.

“Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe” has a mellow and soothing vibe to it, with Lucky Ali’s voice perfectly capturing the emotions behind the lyrics. The song’s music video, directed by Anand Surapur, features Lucky Ali singing and playing the guitar in various locations, with glimpses of a mysterious woman who he seems to be searching for.

The song’s popularity can be attributed to its relatable and timeless theme of love and longing, which resonates with listeners across generations. It has been covered by several artists in different languages, including Bengali, Telugu, and Tamil.

Over the years, “Gori Teri Ankhein Kahe” has become an iconic song in the Indian music industry and a staple at music events and concerts. Lucky Ali’s raw and soulful performance continues to captivate audiences, and the song remains a favorite among fans of both old and new Hindi music.

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