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Laid To Rest Guitar Tabs Best by Lamb of God

Song Title: “Laid To Rest”
Released: 2004
Movie: Killadelphia
Artist: Lamb Of God
Genres: Groove metal, Hard Rock

Laid To Rest Tab PDF

Laid To Rest Guitar tabs

“Laid to-Rest” is a song by the American metal band Lamb of God. It is the third single from their third studio album, “Ashes of the Wake,” which was released in 2004. The song is known for its intense and aggressive musical style, characteristic of Lamb of God’s signature sound.

The lyrics of “Laid to-Rest” are often interpreted as a reflection on personal struggles and overcoming adversity. The song addresses themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the internal battles that individuals face. The aggressive and powerful instrumentation, combined with the visceral lyrics, has made “Laid to Rest” a fan favorite and a staple in Lamb of God’s live performances.

The track features heavy guitar riffs, intense drumming, and Randy Blythe’s distinctive growling vocals. The technical and precise musicianship displayed in the song is representative of Lamb of God’s proficiency in the metal genre.

Over the years, “Laid to-Rest” has become one of Lamb of God’s most well-known and enduring songs, contributing to the band’s success and establishing them as prominent figures in the modern metal scene.

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