The Mixolydian b6 Best Scale Shape and Diagram

Mixolydian b6

What’s the Mixolydian b6 mode ?

The Mixolydian (b6) mode aka Mixolydian b13, As its name tells it is precisely the Mixolydian mode with a minor sixth (b13). It is sometimes called Aeolian dominant because it is built with the same notes as the Aeolian scale (sixth mode of the major scale) but with a major third (3) instead of a minor third (b3).

How is Built The Mixolydianb6(13) Mode?

The Mixolydian(b6) scale is also known as Hindu scale and belongs to the group of Indian scales. The formula is 1 -2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – b6 – b7. The Mixolydian b6 scale is generally played over a dominant chord (7b6) resolving to a tonic minor chord, G7b6 to Dm7 .

Mixolydian b6
Mixolydian b6 Formula

Mixolydian(b6(13) Guitar Shapes

The diagrams below show how looks the Mixolydian(b6) scale on the guitar neck.

Mixolydian(b6) guitar diagrams

Mixolydian b6
Mixolydian b6

Here the 7 Shapes of Mixolydian(b6) 3 note on every string.

Mixolydian b6
Mixolydian (b6) Shapes
Mixolydian b6
Mixolydian (b6)


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