Perfect Easy Guitar Chord – Ed Sheeran 00

Perfect Guitar Chords by Ed Sheeran

Perfect Guitar Chord by Ed Sheeran

(capo) – 1st Fret

I found a [G] love for [Em] me
Darling just [C] dive right in
And follow my [D] lead
Well I found a [G] girl
Beautiful and [Em] sweet
I never [C] knew you were the someone
Waiting for [D] me

Cause we were just kids
When we [G] fell in love
Not knowing [Em] what it was
I will not [C] give you up this [G] time [D]
But darling just [G] kiss me slow
Your heart is [Em] all I own
And in your [C] eyes you’re holding [D] mine

Baby, [Em] I’m [C] dancing in the [G] dark
With [D] you between my [Em] arms
[C] Barefoot on the [G] grass
[D] Listening to our [Em] favourite song
When you [C] said you looked a [G] mess
I whispered [D] underneath my [Em] breath
But you [C] heard it, darling
[G] You look [D] perfect tonight

[G] [D] [Em] [D] [C] [D]

Well I found a [G] woman
Stronger than [Em] anyone I know
She shares my [C] dreams
I hope that someday I’ll share her [D] home
I found a [G] love
To carry [Em] more than just my secrets
To carry [C] love
To carry children of our [D] own

We are still kids, but we’re [G] so in love
Fighting [Em] against all odds
I know that we’ll [C] be alright this [G] time [D]
Darling just [G] hold my hand, be my girl
I’ll [Em] be your man
I see my [C] future in your [D] eyes

Achha Sila Diya
Achha Sila Diya


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